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About Barbara Cegavske

 Cegavske [Pronounced: Ce-gas-ke]


Family Background
I have lived in Nevada since 1974. Even though I came from a humble background in Faribault, Minnesota and received my education in neighboring Rochester, I have long considered Nevada my home. I am immensely grateful for the many opportunities that have presented themselves since I moved here.

Nevada is where I met and subsequently married Tim 34 years ago. We were blessed with two sons, Adam and Bret, who were born and raised in Las Vegas.  They attended public schools in Las Vegas graduating from Bonanza High School.  Both Adam and Bret graduated from UNR and UNLV respectively and are now raising their own families in Las Vegas.  Tim and I are now the proud grandparents of six grandchildren.

Business Background
My parents were small business owners. After school and during my summer vacations, my brothers, sisters and I all helped the family business. This was my introduction to business and the free market system. The first hand knowledge learned was to be a tremendous asset when Tim and I became owners of a 7-Eleven franchise. During the 13 successful years we ran the franchise, we faced the same challenges that all small business owners face on a daily basis. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience to serve our customers, make payroll each week, and serve our community. We also learned of some of the onerous regulations in place that put burdens and disincentives to grow and thrive.

My life’s journey subsequently directed me toward public service. Having won six elections, I was fortunate to serve Nevadans in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. The experience and wealth of information gained will be crucial for the office of Secretary of State.

I remain steadfast in the ideal of public service, and will bring the combined knowledge of sound business judgment and legislative expertise to the office of Secretary of State.

Committee to Re-Elect Barbara Cegavske.
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