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Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is a statewide elected official who presides over five primary divisions:

•    The Elections Division
•    The Commercial Recordings Division
•    The Notary Division
•    The Operations Division
•    The Securities Division

The Secretary of State also chairs the State Records Committee and is a member of three state boards: examiners, prison commissioners and economic development.


Below is a brief sample of the responsibilities within the purview of the
Secretary of State:

•    Certify statewide candidates & ballot questions
•    Report & certify primary & general election results
•    Supervise state & local elections
•    Enforce all state & federal election laws
•    Register & filing candidate contribution & expenditure reports
•    Register all types of business entities
•    Issue annual state business licenses
•    Register trade names, trademarks, prof. corporations, associations & rights of publicity
•    Appoint, train, & regulate notaries public
•    Maintain official records of the acts of the Nevada Legislature & executive branch
•    Regulate the state’s securities industry  & enforce securities laws

Maintaining the Rule of Law
As one who strongly believes in strict adherence to the rule of law and with the utmost respect for both State and Federal Constitutions, I will bring the same degree of principled conduct which has been a tenet of my career to the office of Secretary of State.

Having served as a member of the Legislative Operations & Elections Committee from 2003 to the current time, as well as chairing the committee in 2005 and 2007, I am committed to upholding our election laws. Ensuring the integrity of the elections in the State is a key component of the Secretary of State’s duties.

I believe my qualifications, proven record of leadership and fairness, certifies my ability to oversee elections in accordance with existing statutes. I will encourage active participation of all voters in the democratic process. I authored Senate Bill 163 which mandates civics as part of the school curriculum, in the hopes that future generations will not only be aware of the importance of their civic duties, but will become engaged.

My 13 years experience as a business owner has equipped me with the proficiency to foster economic development. I will ensure the cost of conducting business in Nevada is fair, reasonable and competitive with other states. As Secretary of State I would be a member of the Economic Forum.

Interaction with Nevadans
With my proven leadership skills and recognized ability to listen to the concerns of voters, I intend to be as active as possible on the three boards of which I will be a member as well as the five primary divisions, which are listed above, over which I will preside.

I am an experienced relationship builder who is able to garner majority consensus on divided issues. Above all, I believe in supporting and empowering the people of Nevada. I pledge to make Nevada an even better place to live.

As a firm believer in open government, I will always be available to answer your questions and address your concerns.




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