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Cegavske Backs Voter ID Law for Nevada


STATE SENATOR BARBARA CEGAVSKE, who is running for secretary of state, says she
supports a voter ID law for Nevada, although she says the one proposed
by Secretary of State Ross Miller was too costly.

She also says she opposes same-day voter registration and same-day voting, however,
because such last-minute activity could put too much pressure on
election workers and make it tough to prevent fraud.

“I do not want to burden the counties with something that’s not attainable or
secure,” Cegavske said Wednesday in an interview with the Review-Journal
editorial board.

On voter ID, Cegavske and many Republicans like her have long argued people should have to show identification before they vote. Democrats have long pushed for same-day voter registration.

Asked if she backed Miller’s proposal, which died in the 2013 Legislature,
she said no because his plan would have required laptops at every
polling site at too high a cost.

Miller’s plan involved adding photos to the poll books that election workers use to check in voters.
If there’s no photo, one would be taken on site at no charge to the
voter. The price tag: $800,000.

“I’m really glad he had a plan, but it was too expensive,” she said of Miller, a Democrat.

Cegavske has said most people already have some sort of personal ID.

On Wednesday, she noted there is a pool of money at the Department of
Motor Vehicles that is used to replace homeless persons’ IDs when lost.

“We don’t want to suppress anybody,” she said.

Cegavske praised Miller for pushing online voter registration to make it easier
for people to vote, and she said the system seems secure.

Cegavske, a longtime Las Vegan who has been in public office for 18 years,
including in the Assembly and Senate, said she and her husband also ran
convenience stores for 13 years.

She argued that a business background makes her more qualified for the job than her opponent Kate
Marshall, the Democratic state treasurer.

If elected, Cegavske said she would like to allow county district attorneys to prosecute
cases of fraud in the securities division that now are all led by
lawyers in the attorney general’s office.

She also wants to crack down on fraudulent companies that register their businesses in Nevada.

“We want people to know we’re open for business, but we also want people to
know that if you come here and do something to our citizens, you’ll pay
for it,” Cegavske said.

Cegavske said that as secretary of state, she also would review all taxes, fees, regulations and licensing
boards that might be outdated.

One such item could be a regulation Miller imposed despite opposition from Gov. Brian Sandoval
and the Legislature that requires thousands of home-based businesses to
pay a $200 annual fee.

Cegavske and others objected to Miller going around them and winning approval through a legislative panel
outside the legislative session.

The regulation affects home-based businesses operating as limited liability companies and
corporations that earn less than $27,000 annually. It does not apply to
individuals operating businesses out of their homes.Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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