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"I’ve known Barbara Cegavske for nearly 20 years and I’ve had the pleasure of serving with her in the legislature and seeing her work again up close during my tenure as governor. 

Barbara’s leadership will be an asset in the Secretary of State’s office and I encourage all Nevadans to support her this November.." 

- Governor Brian Sandoval



"Barbara brings the experience to the Secretary of State office that Nevada needs. She is a skillful leader who understands how to help Nevada's small businesses thrive, particularly in this tough economy. Her skills and expertise will go a long way towards fostering a better, brighter future for Nevada, which is why I am proud to support her for Secretary of State.."

                                           - Senator Dean Heller




"Barbara has long been an advocate for the small business men and women of Nevada.  I’m proud to support Barbara because we need a Secretary of State committed to policies that make it easier to develop, create and keep good jobs right here in Nevada.."


– Congressman Joe Heck





"Barbara Cegavske is an excellent example of a public servant. She has served the last 18 years in the Nevada Legislature, fighting to improve business development and promote a healthy business environment in the State of Nevada.  Having worked with Barbara in both the State Assembly and State Senate, I recognize the values, knowledge, experience and talents Barbara possesses.  I have no doubt she will continue that hard work as our Secretary of State.  I proudly support Barbara Cegavske in her 2014 race for Nevada Secretary of State.."

- Congressman Mark E. Amodei







 "I have to start by just saying how much I love Barbara...Some of you may know that I served in the State Assembly back in 2000-2004. Barbara was the first person I met in my efforts to serve. She was the Assistant Minority Leader in the Assembly and took me under her wing. I can attest, having worked beside her, caucused with her and my colleagues, deliberated the merits of proposed legislation, Barbara is the real deal. She is selfless and has striven only to do what is right. And lest any of you think that there is no pursuit of righteousness in the legislative halls in Carson City, let me put down that thought. Barbara and I routinely prayed together in search of that which was best for the people of Nevada. She is a person of immense faith, and that is what drives her willingness to endure the barbs associated with public service.

I have always said there are two aspects of elected legislative service: (1) acting as a direct representative of others, and (2) leading. As a representative, you are sometimes called upon to simply vote as your constituents would, despite personal position. In leading, you seek to raise your constituency by taking a higher or better way. Sometimes, in legislative service, these two roles are not harmonious. Barbara has that perfect sense of when to simply represent and when to lead.

Barbara has served for almost 20 years. Some may feel this has been self-serving. I can tell you that there is nothing self-serving about putting your life under the microscope of the media and within the cross hairs of an opponent. There are always people ready to brand you negatively.

Barbara has endured false shots over the years, all for the purpose of serving others. It’s often thankless work. My hat also goes off to Tim Cegavske, Barbara’s husband, who has supported Barbara in her efforts to do good despite the many attacks the family has had to endure.."

- David F. Brown, former Nevada State Assemblyman - 71st Legislative session.

"Having once run her own business, Senator Cegavske knows firsthand the hurdles that business owners must jump through to succeed. Her tireless leadership on commerce issues in her almost two decades of serving in the Nevada Legislature, position Barbara as the best candidate for the office of Nevada Secretary of State. No one will fight harder to champion the Secretary of State’s role as Nevada’s chief business partner than Barbara Cegavske. We urge Nevada voters to return her to Carson City, and allow her to continue her work fighting for Nevada’s businesses and their employees.."


- Mary Lau, President, Retail Association of Nevada.



"It was an extreme pleasure to work with Barbara Cegavske during many legislative sessions resolving child welfare and sex offender issues.  Our mutual concern for the well-being of children resulted in her sponsoring bills that currently keep our young ones safer.   Barbara was always willing to travel the extra mile to find cost effective solutions for the many problems we faced.."

"I wholeheartedly support Barbara’s candidacy for Secretary of State..."

– Donna Coleman, Child Advocate, former member of State Board of Education, co-founder Children’s Advocacy Alliance. 



"For the first time in my life I felt our voices were heard. Barbara Cegavske is more than a politician; she is a fighter and a mom. She is exactly who I want representing my family.."   -Peter Luke

6 March 2014

"My wife, Cynthia, and I were married five years ago. Cynthia already had a son, Diego, and we soon became proud parents of two boys, Giovanni and Leo.

Years earlier, my wife entered the United States illegally. But now we were a family, it was our desire to live together legally here in the US. It was also important for us to do it the right way.  We were unaware of the uphill battle we were facing, wrongly assuming the process would be simple.  Because Cynthia initially entered the United States illegally, our process meant overcoming many hurdles.  

Despite the sheer volume of paperwork and fees, we had no guarantees.  Even in the face of horror stories from others in similar situations, we were determined. We contacted Senator Cegavske.   I figured it would be a long shot and probably futile.  I doubted a State Senator would be willing to help one struggling family. I was wrong. When told of our story Senator Cegavske immediately started to work for us, writing letters to Senator Reid and Congressman Heck, and making us aware of our options.  

 It became obvious Cynthia would have to return to Mexico and wait for the immigration process to run its course. We knew we would be running the risk of a very long separation, possibly years. After much soul-searching, and against the advice of immigration attorneys, we placed our faith in the system.  In May 2011, Cynthia and Leo left for Mexico.  We were scared and sad, as we said our goodbyes at the border. For Diego and Giovanni, who remained with me, it was heartbreaking.

Our spirits were down and for the next few months, there appeared to be no end in sight. Yet, Senator Barbara Cegavske continued to play a role and show an interest, even though I was not a constituent of hers. She even contacted our case-workers in Juarez, Mexico. She fought hard for us. Barbara Cegavske made us feel important. She made the whole State of Nevada feel like a small town for us.  

Well, Senator Cegavske’s efforts and determination paid off.  She’s a state senator, not a US senator, and does not have the same access to the INS. But instead of giving up from the beginning or not returning my calls, she chose the tough path.  She fought on our behalf through her letters, phone calls and emails.   I don’t know if it was faith, prayers, luck, timing, or Senator Cegavske’s perseverance, but Cynthia finally was permitted to return home to Las Vegas and to her family as a legal resident!  We were over the moon.  

For the first time in my life I felt our voices were heard.  Barbara Cegavske is more than a politician; she is a fighter and a mom.  She is exactly who I want representing my family.  

We wish Senator Cegavske well in the future, and thank her from the bottom of our hearts. She earned our gratitude, trust and respect. Most importantly, she has earned my vote and that of my wife when she becomes a US citizen..."

  -Peter Luke

Committee to Re-Elect Barbara Cegavske.
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